Outboard Maintenance

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Outboard Maintenance Tips

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It’s no wonder boaters all over the world share such a deep passion for the open water. Nothing compares to the feeling of the sun, wind, and ocean spray on your face as you hit top speeds on your most prized possession. One way to ensure that you always have the best experience possible is to keep up with maintenance. An important part of this upkeep process includes outboard maintenance. If you’re already huffing and puffing at the thought of maintenance, let’s not forget that one of the many perks of owning an outboard is easy maintenance. These machines are conveniently accessible so you should have no reason for not keeping up with your outboard maintenance.

You’ll want to bear in mind that there are two types of outboard maintenance you need to perform. There’s year-round as well as post-boating maintenance. As you might’ve guessed, the year-round process is self-explanatory. As for post-boating, you’ll need to be sure to follow these steps after each trip. You can start by purging all the water. Next, start the engine and allow the water pump to remove any water used for cooling. In a marine environment, always remember to flush your engine with fresh water to remove any salt that could cause corrosion. After the engine is flushed, unhook the fuel line to burn out any remaining gas.

Once you’ve cleared the engine of water and gas, remove the cowling, which is the protective casing. This part of the engine is able to run without ever coming into contact with water. Don’t forget to wipe down the engine with a cloth because it will be hot. Next, spray any moving parts with lubricant so they can keep working properly. Take this time to inspect your spark plugs and gasket seals for any leaks. There should be no water in the engine compartment. If you happen to notice a leak, it’s time to take your boat in for service.

You’ll want to establish a regular schedule for maintenance. Outboard motors don’t operate the same as car motors. Additional knowledge is required for performing outboard maintenance. There are numerous gear and rpm changes, which leads to the burning of oil much faster than a car motor. Make it a habit to check your oil regularly so you can get an idea of how much is being consumed. It’s always wise to check the filter and spark plugs while you’re at it.

As long as you’re able to remember the importance of routine outboard maintenance and perform it regularly, you’ll be in good shape. After all, who doesn’t want their outboard motor to live a long and healthy life? If you need more information on outboard maintenance or you’re interested in browsing our inventory, visit us at Sunset Marine in El Cajon, California! We proudly carry a number of industry-leading brands, like Yamaha, Evinrude, Mercury Marine, and more. You’ll find our dealership conveniently located near La Mesa just east of San Diego. If you need assistance with parts and service, we’ve got you covered there as well.

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